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Insulation and Windows

The Insulation and Windows (INWIN) Program is designed to improve the energy performance and durability of existing residential housing in DTE service territories. The program offers financial incentives to homeowners for the installation of qualifying insulation and windows measures in eligible single- and multifamily dwellings (2 or fewer connected units).

The objective of the program is to increase the demand for energy-efficient improvements for insulation and windows to produce long-term electric and natural gas energy savings to DTE residential customers. The rebates help offset the cost difference between choosing a standard product and an energy-efficient one.

For more information on becoming a Residential Insulation and Windows Program contractor, click here.

Program Updates

2022 DTE INWIN Program Transition

To begin the 2022 program year, rebates for DTE residential INWIN measures will remain the same as they were in 2021. Updated 2022 program materials will be available in the coming weeks. Materials will be distributed via email and available for order through our Digital StoreFront.